Common Signs of Foundation Damage

Your home is one of the most valuable investments that you will ever make.  You must ensure that you protect the home from an assortment of risks and damage. When you suspect there is trouble, don’t wait to call for a professional repair, regardless of how minor the problem might seem.  Your home’s foundation affects the overall structure and keeping it protected it important. You should recognize the signs of trouble an call for foundation repair winston-salem when needed. Some of the most common signs of foundation repair include:

Cracks in the Foundation and/or Floors

If there are gaps or cracks in the brick exterior of your home, this is a sign that indicates a problem with the home’s foundation. You should not wait to pick up the phone to call a professional to come to the home and inspect the property. Cracks usually occur as a result of the foundation moving. This occurs naturally over time at some properties. Foundation repair experts have the expertise to correct the problem.

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Settling or Sinking

Settling or sinking is another sign that your foundation is in trouble. You should call a professional to come out and inspect the home to determine the problem. Once the culprit of trouble is found, the repair can then be made so you can worry not about your home’s foundation or further damage to the property.

Foundation Upheaval

Is your foundation moving upward? There is cause for concern as you probably know already! This is a process known as foundation upheaval and signals that the structure of the home is not settling, but is instead coming out of the ground. It is as scary as it seems and you need the professionals there to assess the situation as soon as possible.